Truffled Devil Eggs

paleo:  100%

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chef’s notes:  these are amazing, amazing, amazing!  Really decadent, but still Whole 30 approved!  Great to take to a party to ensure you have something great to eat.  Although, you  might not want to share ;)

Makes 24 deviled eggs (scale as appropriate)

  • 12 hard boiled eggs
  • Black Truffle Salt
  • Black Truffle Oil
  • Prosciutto (1 to 2 packages)
  • Paleo Mayo


  • Cut up prosciutto into little squares or cubes, you want it tiny almost like crumbles to go on the egg
  • Take a pan & crisp up prosciutto on medium to medium high heat until nice and crispy (set aside)
  • Cut hard boiled eggs in 1/2, put the white halves on a dish & put the yolks all into a bowl
  • Alternate 1 tablespoon mayo & 2 tsp truffle oil; put in and mash up… if it is still pretty yolky (and not creamy) keep putting in more of both.  Be careful on the mayo – you don’t want it to over power the truffle oil.
  • Add in truffle salt – try 1/4 to 1/2 tsp at a time.  Put in, mix up and taste.  Keep adding until you get the desired mix of creamy + salty goodness.  Don’t over salt – the prosciutto will add saltiness.
  • Scoop mixture into the eggs – you want a good amount in each
  • Top each egg with crispy prosciutto


You can use store bought mayo but none of them are 100% Paleo – they all have some bad ingredient.  Read the label & find the least offensive but remember this won’t be Whole 30 approved.  If you want Whole 30, 100% PALEO make your own mayo.  Good Recipe for making Paleo Mayo.

Truffle salt & truffle oil can be found in most stores - Fusion makes a great truffle salt.  Make sure both are black truffle as they are much stronger tasting than white truffle.  If you are new to truffle flavors go easy @ 1st – but I promise you’ll get addicted fast!! :)

Submitted By:  Amanda Langowski

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2 thoughts on “Truffled Devil Eggs

  1. Thanks for the shout out to my mayo recipe. These eggs look AMAZING… on my list for Xmas Eve appetizers! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Thx Melissa – they are pretty darn scrumptious I have to say! We are just starting up this Paleo blog for our local crossfit box to share recipes… Believe me I’ll be linking to LOTS of your recipes – love them!

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